Terms of Service

This is the terms of service agreement.

PaulWeller.club can be used by people with an interest in the music of Paul Weller. Users are free to choose what they write about as long as they keep the site's original idea in mind.

We do not tolerate spamming. If a user is reported as a spammer by another PaulWeller.club user, the issue will be investigated, and if we find that he or she has indeed been spamming, he/she will be warned by the system administrator, and in case of continous spamming his/her account will be deleted, and IP + email address will be banned forever.

We do not accept accounts from companies, people or sites offering commercial services. Neither do we accept links promoting commercial sites.

We do, however, allow users to inform other users about their personal websites through the user's own profile and blog, as long as it is kept at a reasonable level. If we receive reports from other users we will look into the issue right away.

We do not tolerate hateful, abusive or vulgar language or content.

We do not tolerate any illegal behaviour.

Regarding copyright: No user is allowed to upload or in other ways add material or content that the user does not own the copyrights to, or have obtained the right to use.

Users can at any time, terminate their own account on PaulWeller.club, and all stored content will be deleted from the server.

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so here.

Users can, at any time, delete own posts, images, forum posts etc. Once deleted it can not be restored.

By signing up for an account at PaulWeller.club you agree to the terms described above.

We reserve the right to delete accounts that are in violtation with the terms described above.